Wayne Gretzky Signed Pucks Always Popular

Wayne Gretzky is one of the most popular hockey players of all time, even long after he retired from the game. Almost from beginning his professional career at the age of 17, he wowed the sports world with his humility, skill, and great sportsmanship, rapidly building a hugely loyal fan base that follows him still. […]

Expensive Hockey Cards of the Post-War Era

Hockey card collecting has been a favorite hobby of many for the past 100 years or so and the collectors are serious about their cards. Rarer cards can be worth a great deal of money, well into the thousands. There are some very expensive hockey cards on the market and the high price tag does […]

Gretzky Card Values

The Great One. Wayne Gretzky, arguably the best and most influential hockey player in history, has a mind-boggling fan base. It’s little surprise then that his collectibles, including hockey cards, are in high demand around the globe. Wayne Gretzky has had more individual cards issued then any other player in history and there are thousands […]

Wayne Gretzky Rookie Cards for Sale: Buyer’s Guide

You can find Wayne Gretzky rookie cards for sale at a variety of sports and memorabilia shops and on various Internet sites. Depending on the particular card and its grade, the value can range from a few dollars to several thousand. In fact, the one and only 1979-80 OPC card that was rated Gem Mint […]