Topps vs OPC: A Gretzky Rookie Card Value Comparison

Hockey card collectors already know that O-Pee-Chee cards distributed in Canada were printed in smaller quantities than those produced for collectors in the U.S.   During the 1979-80 season, Canadians were crazy about the teenage sensation they’d been hearing about since he was a kid.  Wayne Gretzky was a household name.  Yet the number of people […]

Earliest Gretzky Game-Worn Oilers Jersey

His rookie cards remain popular and valuable but a game-worn Wayne Gretzky jersey from early in his career is the holy grail for many collectors.  California-based  SCP Auctions is handling what it believes is the finest known Gretzky jersey in existence in an auction that was scheduled for April 2013. Dating from the 1980-81 season, […]

Most Watched Wayne Gretzky Cards on eBay

The market for Wayne Gretzky cards is always active.  Whether you’re talking rookie cards from Topps or OPC, rare regionals or modern era autographed 1/1 inserts, the Great One still drives the hockey card market in many ways. Below is a live feed of the ‘most watched’ Gretzky cards currently for sale on eBay.  You […]

Wayne Gretzky Rookie Cards: A History

The year was 1979. Back when you bought wax packs of hockey cards along with a piece of really bad bubble gum. Back when most of the people who bought hockey cards were kids, and the cards were more likely to be played with than carefully preserved. Even those rare collectors who understood the potential […]